Creative Art Courses and Classes in Epsom, Surrey

Explore and enhance your creative skills with our painting and art courses in Epsom, Surrey. At Magical Interiors 4 U, we believe there is an artist hidden in each one of us. Cherishing your individuality and bringing it out in all your art, we will strengthen the core skills at each level and progress with a strong foundation. Once you complete our courses, you will have all the tools and techniques you need to independently create your own masterpieces.

About Our Courses

All courses are designed to be suitable for ages 7 and above, providing individual attention to artists to help them identify and improve their skills. We always put your personality, ideas, and creativity first. Each term consists of six classes at a cost of £72 per term or, if you prefer to pay as you go, £14 per class.

Level 1

Level 1

  • Colour Theory Vocabulary

  • Course on Sketching

  • What I See and How Do I Interpret

  • What I See and How Can I Prove What I Interpret

  • Produce One Piece of Art Using the Concept Learnt in Grade 1

Level 2

Level 2

  • Introduction to Watercolours

  • Sketching before Watercolours

  • Planning the Arts Layout on a Paper

  • Mixing Colours and Water – First-Draft Painting

  • Painting Nature, including Trees (All Techniques Involved)

  • Flowers (All Techniques Involved)

  • Landscapes (All Techniques Involved)

  • Produce a Complete Nature Landscape with Everything Learnt in Grade 2

Level 3

Level 3

  • Introduction to Acrylics

  • Awareness of a Different Medium

  • Layout Planning and Sketching

  • Flowers – Texturing and Layering

  • Trees – Texturing and Layering

  • Drawing Sun and Moon

  • Introduction to Landscape Painting with Acrylics

  • Introduction to Interpret a Photo into a Painting

  • Venture into the World of Abstract – Learn Basics

  • Abstract – What and How Does It Work

  • How to Interpret an Abstract

  • Make Your First Abstract

Level 4

With all the techniques learned in previous levels, we shall start workshops on canvases, including:

Level 4

  • How to Prepare Canvas

  • How to Take Care of the Flow

  • Planning Layout on Canvas

  • Workshop 1 – Poppy Field

  • Workshop 2 – Scene from Greece

  • Workshop 3 – Painting Seasons

  • 3.1 – Summer

  • 3.2 – Autumn

  • 3.3 – Winter

Other Courses

We provide an array of other courses, including:

Other Courses

  • Animals

  • Human Face

  • Human Body

  • Venture into Realism

  • Venture into Mixed Media

  • Venture into Folk Art of India

Art Classes for Passionate Artists

Suitable for children and adults, our art classes and courses cover all your needs.