About Us

About Magical Interiors 4 U

Catering to both adults and children, Magical Interiors 4 U Is an art school based in Epsom, Surrey. Using professional-quality materials and traditional drawing, painting, and art techniques, we guide passionate artists to create wonderful pieces for interiors. When chosen thoughtfully, interior artwork can transform your living space and infuse it with personality. Whether you are creating your own masterpiece or looking for the ideal art for your interior, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today to discover more.

About Our Founder - Soumya Rao

“As a child, when boredom would hit me, I discovered the artistic side of myself. I would later be identified by my 4th grade teacher who then indicated to my parents on my special talent. There was never stopping after that. I was enrolled into highly specialised art lessons and academies by my dear parents. I am very so grateful to have been taught by some really amazing art teachers who helped shape the talent in me so I could take it to the next level.

My passion and love for art grew over the years. The more I created, the better I became. The more my interest grew. The same passion fired up with other subjects like science and maths as well. I ended up pursuing engineering and taking art with me even in my profession, throughout my work and career. Having a second passion always has helped me unwind, get a break from the usual hula-hoops of work and life. I started to appreciate art even more and dwelled into self-learning.

Culmination of decades of learning, experimenting and striving has prepared me to share the knowledge in art I have again via my own MagicalArts4U. Today, I indulge myself teaching my two children the art that I learnt, and I have realised how much I enjoy teaching effective skills in art and sharing the knowledge I have.”

Interested in Our School?

Our art school provides an array of courses and workshops for passionate artists.